Music Worship Leader

Grettchen Dudley is the worship leader at Warwick Baptist Church in Newport News, Virginia. With her passion for music and her love for leading others in worship, she has been an integral part of the church community for many years. Grettchen is a devoted wife to her husband Seth, and together they have two beautiful children. As a mother and a worship leader, Grettchen is committed to building a strong foundation of faith in her family and in her church.

Throughout her career as a worship leader, Grettchen has honed her skills and developed a unique style that is both engaging and inspiring. Her dedication to creating an atmosphere of worship has brought countless individuals closer to God, and her talent has been a blessing to many. In addition to her work as a worship leader, Grettchen is also actively involved in various ministries at Warwick Baptist Church. Whether she is volunteering her time to help others or leading a small group for children or youth, Grettchen’s heart for service is evident in everything she does.