Who Is Jesus?

While this is certainly a very simple and reasonable question, it is also the most profound question a person can ask. If you think about it, searching for a deeper understanding of how to answer this question should be at the heart of every Christian’s life. So, it should come to no surprise that this question cannot possibly be fully answered on this one page. However, there are some common points that can be made here.

How does the Bible answer this question?

In the Holy Bible, Jesus is given over 200 names (or titles). A look at those names, and the meaning of them, will help answer many questions about who Jesus is.

Jesus is the “Prince of peace.” (Isaiah 9:6)

Sin has separated man from God. When Jesus paid the penalty for that sin, that sin was atoned for. Now man can be at peace with God through faith in Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Jesus is the “First born over all creation”. (Colossians 1:15)

Some people will incorrectly think this means Jesus was the first thing that was created. However, the very next verse is one of several that show this is false. Jesus was not created, but rather everything was created “through Him and for Him”.

Jesus is the “Lamb of God”. (John 1:29)

God’s law, called the “Law of Moses” required that people offer a spotless lamb as a sacrifice for the atonement of their sins, which they offered regularly. Jesus, who lived a life with no sin, became that spotless sacrifice, which was offered once for all eternity. To accept that eternal atonement once and for all, a person only needs to place their faith in the Jesus Christ, the “Lamb of God”.

Jesus is the “High Priest”. (Hebrews 2:17)

Once a year the Jewish High Priest, would enter a place called the Holy of Holies to make atonement for the sins of the people. Jesus accomplished this once for all time on the cross.

Jesus is the “Mediator”. (1 Timothy 2:5)

We are familiar with the term mediator. It is someone who stands in the middle of two parties who in conflict. That is what Jesus did for us to resolve the conflict between God and mankind because of our sin.

Jesus is the “Resurrection and the Life”. (John 11:25)

Just like Jesus was resurrected from the grave. He also has within Him the power and authority to resurrect sinners to eternal life.

Jesus is the “Savior”. (Luke 2:11)

Before a person places their faith in Jesus, they are captive to their sin and will ultimately experience spiritual death in a place called Hell. When Jesus died on the cross, he paid a price for our freedom from both sin and the eternal consequences.

Jesus is “the way, and the truth, and the life”. (John 14:6)

Jesus the only way to God. I know this sounds exclusive, but the Bible is very clear about this. Jesus is also the truth in a world of untruths. Finally, this title tells us that Jesus is the only way to gain eternal life.

If want to gain the promise of eternal life in heaven, Jesus is the only way to get there. He came to earth to live a perfect life without sin, so He would be the only person qualified to pay the penalty for ours. He paid that penalty on the cross. Therefore, it is only through faith in Jesus, that you can be free of your sins and be assured of eternal life in heaven.

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