Welcome to Warwick Baptist Church In Newport News Virginia

Our Vision Story

During His earthly ministry, Jesus poured life and truth into twelve disciples. But He wasn’t simply teaching them, He was preparing them for a mission. One that would change the world forever. We believe this provides us with both a model and a purpose for authentic Christian discipleship. Those first disciples were equipped, and then sent out, to fan a flame that was set by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. A Flame that has not been quenched in over 2000 years; and will remain ablaze until Christ’s appointed return.

Only a few centuries ago, that flame was carried to the shores of the American colonies. Here it would have such a profound impact that it would come to define the very identity of our nation. However, for while we have long enjoyed the warmth and security of the gospel, our enemy has never stopped working to extinguish it. As a result, we must painfully acknowledge that the once high and lofty standard of Christian discipleship has been lost to us.

Too often, we are not preparing disciples that are equipped to continue in the charge that was given to us by our Savior. This, in turn, has led to a spiritual deterioration that can be seen in our families, our churches, and our communities. Broken homes, fatherless children, increased immorality, drug addiction, human trafficking, and all sorts of social divisions are all at epidemic levels; all while Christianity in the US is continually decreasing. In this country, we are witnessing the, once strong and steady, flame of the Gospel being reduced to fading embers.

Therefore, within 5 years, Warwick Baptist Church will rediscover the true meaning of Authentic Christian Discipleship. We will raise up disciples that are committed to life-long spiritual transformation. Lives that are marked by a deep personal love for Jesus Christ, a devotion to regular prayer, biblical literacy, service, and evangelism. Every member of this local body will be made ready with the full armor of God, empowered in their unique spiritual gifts, and sent out to reignite the flame of the Gospel across our community and anywhere else we are sent.

We will lead a spiritual assault on the enemy, storm the beachhead, and reclaim our nation for Christ, starting with those nearest to us. In order to clearly articulate the imposing nature of this vision, it should be understood that Warwick Baptist Church intends on becoming the leading disciplining and sending church in the state of Virginia. We will expand or build were necessary, but we will stay true to the vision God has given us. We will make disciples.

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