Why do we need to serve in the church?

One of the greatest values at Warwick Baptist is a heart for serving. Serving is our way of giving back to God, benefiting His kingdom, and benefiting the lives of others. As Christians, we serve others by using our talents, gifts, and experience to live out our mission of loving God and loving people (Pr 19:17; Matt 5:42; Mk 10:45; Lk 3:10-11; Rm 12:13; 1 Pt 4:10)

I’m not sure I have any talents that can be used here.

As a Christian, God has a plan fro you to participate in the work that He is doing through the church. Not everybody has the same job, but everybody has a job to do. God has called leaders in the church to help you grow into this ministry. Talk to one of them about finding out where you can serve. (1 Cor 12:4-7; Eph 4:11-13)

Where should I serve?

We want to help you get connected with a ministry that will best allow you to use your spiritual gifts. Ask anyone in leadership to help you learn more about opportunities to serve.

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