Becca Ashely
Music Worship Leader

Becca Ashley is the Worship Leader at Warwick Baptist Church, located in the vibrant community of Newport News, Virginia. With a deeply rooted passion for music, Becca has made it her mission to use the power of music to unite the congregation in worship to God. She believes music has a unique ability to transcend barriers, touching the souls of all who gather to worship.

Beyond her role as Worship Leader, Becca extends her musical talents to the youngest members of the church community, teaching the gift of music to elementary-aged children. Through her patient and passionate instruction, Becca helps these young hearts find their voices and grow their faith through song.

In Becca Ashley, Warwick Baptist Church has found a true musical visionary, a leader whose love for music is only surpassed by her love for God and her desire to inspire others to express their devotion through the universal language of melody. Under her guidance, the congregation experiences the beauty of worship through music, drawing closer to each other and their faith in the process.