Senior Pastor

Meet Pastor Justin Smith.  He is the pastor of Warwick Baptist Church in Newport News, VA. He has been guiding his church family since 2016, but his calling to serve as a pastor started years earlier, in his late twenties. Feeling the Lord’s leading, Justin began his journey of serving the Kingdom and helping others grow in their faith. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Theological Studies from Liberty University, which has given him a strong foundation for his ministry.

However, he knows that the most important lessons come from his relationship with God and his experiences ministering to others. Justin shares his life with his wife, Melissa, and their five children, who bring him immense joy and fulfillment. Their family has also expanded to include six grandchildren (so far!), and Justin is grateful for every moment he gets to spend with them.

Despite his accomplishments and experience, Pastor Justin remains humble and focused on serving others. He knows that he is merely a vessel for God’s work, and he is committed to being a faithful and obedient servant. He cherishes the relationships he has built with his congregation and considers it an honor to serve alongside them in their spiritual journey.