Why should I become a member of a Warwick Baptist Church?

As believers in Christ, we have a mission. Life on mission is better lived with accountability and a prescribed purpose. We are to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the cities and nations of the world. This mission is far too great to be accomplished by a few. We need everyone to introduce those who are hurting and lost to Jesus. Likewise, membership at WBC is an agreement to pursue certain responsibilities with the church family. We want you to live on mission with us to make disciples who love God and love people. We believe that abundant life comes solely from Jesus, and that eternity is worth everything.

Who should become a member?

Anyone who follows Jesus, believes in the mission and vision of Warwick Baptist, and is willing to partner with us to reach the world should become a member.

What do I need to do to become a members?

To become a member of Warwick Baptist, we ask that you attend one of our new members classes called Starting Point. The class lasts a couple of hours and is our way of answering all of the question you might have about what we believe, what we expect from our members, and what you can expect from us. We cherish every member of the WBC family and this is a great place to start. You should also know that you are welcome to attend any Starting Point class even if you are just curious about membership. You will have an opportunity to acknowledge your interest in joining after you attend the class or possibly decide to pray about it some more. (of course we hope you’ll want to join!)

What’s the next step?

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